Chicago Boat Cruise Captain Captain Val

Sail Aboard A Chicago Yacht Charter with Captain Val

This is "Captain Val," captain of the Valara VI, president and owner of Adventure Sea Tours, Inc., which has been in business for over 35 years here in Chicago.

Captain Robert J. Valzonis, otherwise known as "Captain Val," started out in 1965 running Chicago fishing charters, when fishing on Lake Michigan was a big attraction. Over the years, the demand for cruising along the Chicago skyline aboard “dinner cruise yachts” began to flourish, and in 1978, while still running fishing charters, he purchased and ran the Valara V for dinner cruises. The Valara V, a 55-foot classic wooden Chris Craft is a very beautiful yacht, designed for private parties up to 40 guests. Because of the attention and care he gave to Valara V, this yacht is still pleasing its fans and owners, and is now operated by Bemus Point Classic Yacht Cruises in Bemus Point, New York.

Captain Val still had bigger dreams. He had the dream of owning a bigger, much more luxurious yacht and he always says "What's a man without his dreams?" In 1989, Captain Val followed his dreams.

With the help of U.S. Naval architects and U.S. Coast Guard personnel, the 87-foot Luxury Yacht, VALARA VI was designed. After the architectural design was completed, and the outer hull was built, in accordance with the many regulations required of a commercial vessel of this size, Captain Val built, "with his own hands," all the interior of this fine yacht. His tastes for class are impeccable and his love for the beauty of wood shows when you walk on board. Mahogany, cherry and teak hardwoods are everywhere, from the buffet area, bathrooms, beverage bars, stairs, walls, ceilings, to all that you see were built by this clever and extravagant minded businessman.

The Luxury Yacht VALARA VI was designed to be distinctive and different than all other yachts in Chicago, in order to serve the needs of Chicago’s corporate businesses, as well as those from around the world. Valara VI also hosts out-of-the-ordinary weddings and the finer family gatherings on the waters of Chicago’s lakeshore.

Captain Val’s “Pride and Joy” has also welcomed many movie stars, famous singers and news anchor people as well.

You really must see this yacht for yourself. It is truly a delightful place to visit you will not be disappointed holding your event on this very fine and unique yacht! You won't find another one like the VALARA VI.

Set sail for your next special entertaining event on board the Luxury Yacht VALARA VI. It will be an event you will want to have again and again!